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The most effective way of achieving whole health and wellness is by reducing stress. Stress is much more than simply psychological. In fact, there are very strong physical components that can both bring and be caused by stress. Just by going through your daily life, your body is under constant assault by substances that you ingest, inhale or touch. Everyone reacts differently to these substances. In some they may be harmless and in others there may be a strong physical reaction:

• Itching
• Sneezing
• Runny Nose
• Watery Eyes
• Skin Rash
• Digestive Issues
• Migraines
• Lethargy
• Aches and Pains
• Emotional Symptoms
• And More

At Power Of Life Wellness Center of Charlotte, NC, we take a whole-body approach to determine these and other causes of symptoms your body may be experiencing. Unlike other practices that only treat the symptoms of discomfort leaving them to return, our wellness center led by Dr. Ted Bullock, DC, CCEP and his partners offer several methods of returning your body to its healthiest state naturally.

Our treatments are non-medicinal and non-invasive making for a comfortable experience for all patients. Treatments at our wellness center include:

• Chiropractic Adjustments For Pain and Mobility
• Depression and Anxiety Therapy
• Nutritional Therapy
• Corrective Exercises
• Lifestyle Advice
• Personal Energy Coaching
• Massage Therapy
• And More!

Make an appointment at our Charlotte, NC wellness center today and we can help you start feeling better than you have in years. If you feel as if you are not running on all cylinders or if you are ready to see about getting off certain medications once and for all, our professional staff will be happy to meet with you to determine what steps can be taken to restore balance to your body. When you call for your appointment, remember to ask about any specials we may be running at the time.

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